What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are safe environments where people can engage in a lifestyle of spiritual growth and authentic community. People connect naturally around similar interests, hobbies and experiences, and our Connect Groups facilitate friendships through these connections. Various types of groups are offered to reflect the people of CHR. The groups continue to change and develop with the interests and needs of the people. Anyone in the community may participate in our Connect Groups.

Why Connect Groups?

We value authentic relationships! Connect Groups exist to help cultivate relationships, Christian growth and service. Our Connect Groups meet in homes, businesses and public areas throughout Hampton Roads. Our groups use the Bible as a guide and emphasize diverse issues and interests such as sports and outdoor activities, apologetics, marriage, prayer, serving and parenting. They change and begin anew four times a year, so you have the opportunity to be a part of different groups.

Join a Connect Group

Lead a Connect Group

We kick off each session with a rally day to give you an opportunity to learn about the various groups, but the groups are open to new members throughout the entire session. Find a group, contact the leader, and get connected!
Do you enjoy spending time with friends and meeting new people? If so, consider leading a Connect Group to help others grow and build relationships.

Host a Connect Group

Do you enjoy opening your home to people? If so, consider becoming a host home for Connect Groups to help others grow and build relationships.